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Extraordinary Marketing

Jan's career was built on extraordinary marketing.  She will tell your story of your home by interactive experiences utilizing emerging technologies.  Moreover, extraordinary marketing is not just about grabbing attention; it also focuses on building strong and genuine relationships with customers.  We create an emotional connection by telling compelling stories and delivering exceptional value.  We push the boundaries of what is considered ordinary, and constantly delight and engage customers in unexpected ways.  We leave a lasting impact that resonates with people long after the campaign is over.  


Property Journey

When a listing is marketed through the Brokery network it immediately begins a journey to expansive exposure.

Hyper Localized Marketing

Social Media

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How It Works

The Brokery is a robust platform for local social ads. It’s designed to support agents like you. In under five minutes, you can launch a campaign to target the clients you want but haven’t been able to reach. It’s that fast, simple, and effective.

Campaigns are based on your goals. Drive awareness of your listing. Drive traffic to your listing webpage. Generate leads directly from Facebook and Instagram. Your campaigns are automatically optimized using Facebook’s industry-leading algorithms to ensure your ad dollars are working for you. Plus, you get the most up-to-date best practices and guidance for ad success.

It’s the smart way to expand your sphere of influence, so you can close more deals.

Work With Jan

If you want to work with a top Paradise Valley, McCormick Ranch/Scottsdale, and Central Scottsdale areas, Arizona agent, get in touch with Jan Kabbani at The Brokery.

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