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Month’s Supply Paradise Valley, March 11, 2019

Jan Kabbani

This is an interesting month in supplies in Paradise Valley. Homes over 4 million continue in excess supply ho...

Russ Lyon Congratulates Top Producers 2018!

Jan Kabbani

Congratulations Jan Kabbani, 2018 Lyon’s Elite – Top 1%

DIY staging tips that won’t break the bank

Jan Kabbani

OK, so you don’t have a warehouse full of designer furniture, accessories and home décor items or a degree ...

Make your vacant home irresistible to homebuyers

Jan Kabbani

Let’s face it, not many of us can easily envision the lifestyle that an empty room might provide. This is...

Christopher Coffin Talks Timeless Design

Jan Kabbani

8512 N Golf Drive, Paradise Valley | Camelback Country Estates

Do Open Houses Work?

Jan Kabbani

“In my experience, there is no correlation between houses we hold open a lot and houses we do not hold...

3 Reasons your Home isn’t Selling

Jan Kabbani

A home languishing on the real estate market is one of life’s more frustrating ordeals. Especially if you’...

Month’s Supply Paradise Valley February 2019

Jan Kabbani

Supplies over 2 million continue to increase. This is typical for the first quarter. Supplies over 4 million a...

Month’s Supply Paradise Valley – December 15, 2018

Jan Kabbani

Inventories are increasing as we get ready for the peak season in Paradise Valley. Homes over 2 million will s...

Remodeling projects that give the most bang for the buck

Jan Kabbani

The “Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report*” has just recently been released. A deep dive into which remod...

Rental Property Tax Tips

Jan Kabbani

Owning a rental property poses tax considerations that are more complex than the residential property you live...

Front yard landscaping for ranch-style homes

Jan Kabbani

Designed by Cliff May in 1932, the ranch-style house was conceived specifically for California living. Mr. May...

Hey boomer: Considering buying a home in a retirement community?

Jan Kabbani

Now, before you turn your nose up at the topic, we aren’t talking about senior living communities – those ...

Bad credit home loans

Jan Kabbani

It doesn’t take much to diminish a credit score. Something as small as a 30-day late payment can cause it...


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